Biden’s Impeachment Requested By Blake Masters

( According to Republican U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters, President Joe Biden should be impeached and removed from office for his part in the migration crisis that led to a flood of fentanyl crossing the southern border into the country.

According to reports, Trump-endorsed Masters said that Kelly, the Democrat currently in the seat, has done little to address the national security situation and needs to be held accountable.

At the Sun City West Republican Club event, which drew more than 400 attendees, former Arizona U.S. Senate 2022 candidate Jim Lamon expressed support for Masters’ bid for Congress.

According to Masters, Arizona is still a crucial state in the election after experiencing the brunt of Fentanyl and illegal immigration problems. He cited the Democrats’ failed emergency management strategies as the cause.
We once had operational authority over our border because of President Trump, said Masters. Biden’s unilateral action to halt border wall building in 2021 not only incentivized illegal immigration but also carried on previous President Barack Obama’s immigration policies.
Masters explained that Martha’s Vineyard was the only sanctuary town where illegals were not permitted.
According to reports, there was widespread notice when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deployed two flights full of illegal aliens and possible asylum seekers from Venezuela to wealthy, liberal Martha’s Vineyard in September. The illegals were willingly escorted to a military installation where they were given food and lodging.
According to Masters, the FBI, Internal Revenue Service, and U.S. Department of Justice have turned into Democratic Party weapons since Biden was elected president. Masters asked why every government department required a small army of law enforcement.
Reports show Abe Hamadeh, a Republican running for Arizona attorney general in the general election, also spoke at the event on Saturday. Kristin Mayes is his rival on the Democratic side.
Hamadeh mocked Mayes’ views on climate change, explaining his opponent wants to battle the weather and he wants to combat criminals.
Hamadeh urged a unified Republican front in what was arguably the most critical election in recent memory.
Both candidates said the upcoming 2022 election is a fight for the country’s life.
And both candidates are correct. Please do your best to show up in person to vote.