Biden’s Pattern Of Lies Exposed By CNN

President Joe Biden has come under fire from CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale for a number of exaggerated statements, including one that he visited Ground Zero the day after the 9/11 attacks.

Dale mentioned that on September 20, 2001, nine days after the attack, Biden went with a bipartisan delegation of senators. He said the deception was not insignificant but a distortion of a serious and solemn occasion.

Biden’s exaggerations are virtually always calculated to put him in the spotlight and give him authority on any topic. He kept telling tall tales about his life that turned out to be fabrications, such as when he saw a bridge collapse in Pittsburgh, his grandfather dying, and his friendship with a long-dead Amtrak train conductor.

Three times in one speech last month, Joe Biden made untrue claims about being detained at a civil rights demonstration and about visiting the Pittsburgh synagogue where 11 people were slaughtered in a horrific shooting in 2018. He has also lied about his background, claiming to have worked as a truck driver when, in fact, he has never operated a tractor-trailer.

As historic inflation overwhelms nominal salaries and undermines living standards, actual earnings have fallen monthly under Biden’s administration for nearly two years. Since Biden took office, food costs have increased by 20 percent, which is far more than the annual inflation rate and means Americans are becoming poorer.

There is no truth to Biden’s assertions that he will create a record 12 million new jobs and eliminate the greatest debt in American history. He continually claims that people returning to jobs postponed due to the pandemic are his administration “creating jobs.”

It’s malarkey.

Due to Biden’s wasteful spending, the debt was not reduced to below $1 trillion by 2022, as he claimed.

Biden has also lied that oil companies haven’t invested enough of their production profits to keep prices down.

The green energy laws implemented by his administration have limited oil production and increased gas costs.

Biden has always been a serial liar.