Biden’s Press Secretary Cuts Off Reporter Over Important Question

( Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary for the White House, cut off a reporter who was asking whether anyone in President Joe Biden’s administration had reached out to Republican governors Ron DeSantis of Florida or Greg Abbott of Texas to come to an “understanding” about the migrants that those governors have been transporting to other states.

During the press briefing that took place on Tuesday, NPR White House correspondent Franco Ordoez was one of several reporters who asked about planeloads of migrants being sent to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts by DeSantis and buses sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott being dropped off outside the official residence of the Vice President of the United States.

But Ordoez took a different path, investigating whether the White House had attempted to get in touch with the governors and hash it out or if they could get on board with the “idea” of the pranks. She found no evidence that the White House had taken either of these steps. Jean-Pierre wasted no time in putting an end to such preconceived notions:

Asked if the White House ever tried to get in touch with Governor DeSantis or Governor Abbott about this to try to reach some type of understanding or a solution,

Jean-Pierre said there’s no understanding to be reached. They are using people who are leaving communist countries as a political stunt; instead, maybe what they should do is call on their senators in their state. Call on Senator Marco Rubio. Ask Senator Rick Scott why they did not vote for historic funding regarding the Department of Homeland Security and ensure that we are dealing with this issue. That’s not what they did.

She said this is, “again, a political stunt they are taking for their own — for their political narrative. It is not about really dealing with what is happening and coming up with a solution.”

Jean-Pierre was then asked if the White House supported the idea or the concept of states further from the border accepting some more migrants, sharing some of the burdens of state resources being used by the increasing number of migrants, whether from Venezuela, Cuba, or Nicaragua.

She said the White House sees it by alerting Fox News and not city or state officials about a plan to abandon children fleeing communism on the side of the street is not burden sharing. It is a cruel, premeditated political stunt.