Biden’s Supreme Court Pick Championed Advocates Of Critical Race Theory In Lectures, Speeches

( It seems like every day we are learning more and more about Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s disturbing past.

President Joe Biden’s nominee to replace Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court, Jackson is the most radically left-wing and anti-U.S.-Constitution judge to ever be nominated to the highest court in the land. Recently we learned that Jackson has advocated for lesser sentences for sex offenders, and now we’re learning that she has a long history of championing Critical Race Theory and advocates for the extremist, racist ideology.

Reports reveal how, in a series of speeches and lectures, Jackson has advocated radical ideas like “microaggressions” and defended people who egregiously claim that all White people are inherently racist by nature of their race and upbringing.

Jackson, who has a Harvard law degree, has also represented prisoners of Guantanamo Bay and used her position defending suspected terrorists to attack the United States’ War on Terror.

According to The Daily Wire, a review of Jackson’s many lectures over the last seven years show that, while she has stopped short of specifically advocating CRT herself, she has repeatedly defended those who do.

In October 2021, or instance, Jackson moderated a webinar for the Harvard Alumni Association. During the discussion, she turned the topic to “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belongings.” These are key ideas behind Critical Race Theory – not equality.

During a speech at the James E. Parsons Award Dinner hosted by the Black Law Students’ Association at the University of Chicago, Jackson also egregiously claimed that “microaggression are real.”

And then, in October of 2019, she also said that all Black students will “face prejudice and other obstacles that other people in your environment do not have to endure.”

Do we really want a race baiter on the Supreme Court?

Well, apparently the Democrats do.