Bill Cosby’s Lawyer Tries To Go After The Alleged Victims

( After the comedian was convicted guilty of sexually molesting a 16-year-old girl in a civil action, a Bill Cosby representative attacked demonstrators.

Cosby was found guilty on Tuesday of molesting Judy Huth in 1975 when she was 16 years old. Last year, Cosby was released from prison after a felony conviction for sexual assault was overturned. Despite the absence of punitive penalties, Cosby was mandated to pay Huth $500,000.

In a video posted to Twitter by Variety, Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt can be seen berating a group of protesters for yelling “Bill Cosby is guilty” and “serial rapist” at his post-verdict press conference outside the courthouse in Santa Monica, California.

Wyatt pointed to the individuals taunting him and said that real victims don’t act like this.

He said these women have played the sexual assault card instead of being actual victims of sexual assault. When treated with the utmost respect, real victims wouldn’t come out and shout over the media.

Wyatt said they have boldly stood on the peak of professionalism. No matter what, they will always maintain their position atop the mountain of professionalism.

Wyatt had earlier argued that the decision was not a “success” for Huth, asserting that “the victory was ours” because Cosby’s team “got to reveal what this woman was all about,” drawing jeers and laughs from the audience.

The Cosby spokesman then went after Huth’s attorney Gloria Allred. She stood off to the side, around 20 feet from Wyatt.

Before the camera swung over to Allred and Huth, grinning and giggling as they listened to Wyatt speak, a woman in the audience could be heard saying, “Gloria Allred is the best.”

Then, Wyatt addressed Allred directly and charged that because she was “coming for a Black symbol,” she had “exploited Juneteenth.”

Instead of calling Cosby an “icon,” the crowd shouted that he was a “rapist,” with one woman, in particular, claiming to be “speaking as a Black woman” and a “Black survivor.”

Following the altercation with the crowd, Wyatt and Cosby’s legal team—who intend to appeal the decision—left the media area.