Bill Maher Says The “Woke” Culture Has Gotten Worse

( Non-woke liberal TV host Bill Maher recently appeared on The Daily Wire, offering an extended interview to host Ben Shapiro. During their conversation, Maher describe how modern liberals have left him behind, how the Democratic Party has changed, and how his liberal values have never changed.

On the topic of Woke extremism, Maher said that he makes fun of the ideas advanced by modern liberals because it has become “an eye-roll in many ways.”

“I assume, at a certain moment – and it wasn’t that long ago – we didn’t have the term,” Maher told Shapiro. “I only heard it, I don’t now, what was it, three or four years ago? Five years ago at most, when we heard the term ‘woke,’” he said.

Interestingly, Maher admitted that at first, he liked the term, believing that it was a form of “alert to injustice” – but that over time, it changed. He said that he hopes people know that he is still the kind of person who is awake to injustice.

But as a “byword for all this goofy stuff,” he said, he rejects it/

“That’s what I’m always railing against. That’s why they play me on Fox News now,” he said.

It must be strange to be one of the last remaining public figures who embrace regular liberalism, and not Woke extremism.

When Shapiro asked how he feels about being played on Fox News, Maher told viewers that he just hasn’t changed.

“My politics haven’t changed. They’ve changed,” he said.

That’s probably how a lot of former Democrats feel, and over time, it could hurt the party. The more radical the Democrats become, the less electable they will be. Let’s just hope that the Democrats don’t pass dangerous new election laws that give voting rights to illegal aliens before the Republicans have an opportunity to take back Congress.

If the Democrats change the rules, then they may be able to take permanent control of government without ditching the Woke extremism that is hugely unpopular among most Americans.