BLM Leader Says White People Need To Come To Their BBQ Event

( This weekend was the first official Juneteenth National holiday after President Biden signed the bill making it a federal holiday last year. But not all black activists want Juneteenth to be celebrated nationally.

Sure, they want it to be a national holiday. Some of them just prefer white people stay out of it.

In a tweet last Monday, Cal State LA Pan-African Studies professor Melina Abdullah instructed all white people not to ask if they can attend a Juneteenth cookout. Abdullah said the national holiday is only for blacks. White people, she “black-splained,” should consider June 19 Reparations day.

How about white people do what they want?

Considering Washington DC’s Juneteenth celebration ended up in a shootout, maybe steering clear was a good idea for everybody, not just white people.

It is rather ironic that black activists demanded Juneteenth become a national holiday while at the same time demanding white people not celebrate it.

National holidays are supposed to be something Americans share. But not anymore.

Then again, Congress only voted to make this a holiday as a way to placate the radical Black Lives Matter activists who burned cities to the ground in the summer of 2020.

Abdullah is the co-founder of the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter. How much do you want to bet her Juneteenth cookout was held at the multi-million-dollar LA mansion purchased by BLM?

Having it there certainly would’ve been safer.

On Sunday, a Juneteenth music festival in Washington DC devolved into chaos after a shooting left a 15-year-old boy dead and three others injured, including a police officer.