Briane Killmeade To Replace Tucker Carlson

Carlson’s vocal fanbase has widely panned Fox News’ first successor for Tucker Carlson.

Fox News Tonight, which had been hosted by Tucker Carlson, was replaced by a new program hosted by Brian Kilmeade on Monday night, just hours after the network announced it would be “parting ways” with Carlson.

Kilmeade briefly announced at the top of the broadcast that “you probably have heard, Fox News and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways.” 

He hoped the best for Tucker. He said he and Tucker had been and will continue to be very close friends. 

Until a permanent successor to Tucker Carlson Tonight can be found, Fox News Tonight will be hosted by a series of rotating guest hosts, starting with Kilmeade.

The former Trump administration official Peter Navarro blasted Fox News and Brian Kilmeade for firing Tucker, labeling Kilmeade a “cowardly scumbag” for taking over Tucker’s 8 p.m. time slot from Tucker Carlson.

Those who disagreed with Carlson celebrated his dismissal with victory dances and insults, while those in MAGA-world mourned.

Navarro said that when the clock struck 8, Fox & Friends anchor Kilmeade was there to give his “good friend” Tucker a farewell that lasted all of 8 seconds, 31 seconds shorter than the farewell given to Lemon by his colleagues on CNN This Morning.

Navarro was upset with Kilmeade’s fill-in role and expressed his displeasure with the latter on Twitter. Navarro tweeted back at Kilmeade, “‘Hard no.” 

He accused Kilmeade of being a Never Trump sock puppet. He said his tiny feet would never be able to fill Tucker Carlson’s enormous shoes. 

On Monday night’s episode of The Balance on Newsmax TV with host Eric Bolling, Navarro continued his attacks on Fox News. When given the opportunity to share his final thoughts on the conversation, Navarro blasted Fox News for sacking Carlson and crowned Bolling “the new king of 8 pm!”