Broadcast Shut Down After “Moan” Audio Heard

( A live pre-match chat on BBC’s “Match of the Day” segment between Gary Lineker and former soccer players Alan Shearer, Paul Ince, and Danny Murphy was overtaken by sounds of moaning from a woman, according to The Daily Caller. Lineker appeared surprised when the noise erupted as he discussed the soccer tournament FA cup and the Wolves v. Liverpool match.

Lineker laughed during the moment and eventually settled down, joining in on the joke as he tried to toss the mic to Shearer.

“It’s toasty in this studio, it’s a bit noisy,” Lineker said shaking his head and looking at the ground as Shearer smiled.

He later revealed on Twitter that a cell phone taped to a chair was the source of the sounds.

“As sabotage goes it was quite amusing,” Lineker wrote in his caption.

YouTube prankster Jarvo reportedly claimed responsibility. He was convicted of aggravated trespass last October after a conflict with England cricketer Jonny Bairstow as he entered the Oval pitch.

Following the incident, BBC issued an apology to those who were offended. The outlet reported that Lineker originally thought the sounds were coming from a guest’s cellphone that they had left on without knowing.

But when producers tried cutting to clips, the noise stopped, so they figured that someone was triggering the noises remotely. The broadcaster explained that it was “quite difficult” to continue with the pre-match buildup.

The studio searched for the device when the coverage of the match began. They reportedly knew they had 45 minutes before Lineker and the pundits were back to discuss the first half.

When he was off BBC One, Lineker was back on BBC Two to discuss the incident, questioning why the network issued an apology.

“We’ve certainly got nothing to [be sorry] for,” he told the BBC’s Kirsty Wark.