Burglary Suspect Arrested, Found Sleeping on Victim’s Couch

One might say this criminal is a cat burglar and also a cat napper.

A burglar/vandal who is so comfortable with his crimes that he’s been known to take a nap has struck in Pennsylvania.

Manheim Township Police have charged 31-year-old Jonathan Frederick with breaking into a victim’s house without her knowledge or consent and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

The victim’s house is located on the 200 block of Meadow Lane. Frederick, a resident of Lancaster, is suspected of breaking into the victim’s home, not once, but twice, without her consent. According to authorities, the wanted man most likely used an open window to gain access. No signs of a smashed break-in were evident.

Upon her return home on May 16, the victim saw Frederick having a snooze on a sofa. According to the allegations, she saw several damaged and broken belongings scattered throughout the house. Frederick allegedly rendered several electrical gadgets useless by severing their cables. According to the victim, he soaked a game console, a couch, and a mattress in the living room with liquid and tossed the victim’s belongings about a bedroom.

Ripped-up clothing was strewn about the house, which the tenant discovered.

A couch, bed, floor, fridge, and cupboards were all doused with liquids. According to the police report, some type of sauce was thrown against the kitchen blinds and windowsill, and a streak covered the kitchen backsplash and the sink.

It is anticipated that the damage will exceed $6,400.

Frederick is wanted for burglary, criminal mischief, and stalking. The Manheim Township Police are appealing to the public for anybody who may have information on his location.

In a released mugshot, Frederick could be described as pale-skinned with reddish cheeks. He has unusual grayish-blond hair, cropped short with a receding hairline. 

He may be sporting a wispy goatee.