Californian Car Owner Caught Slapping Child for Bending Hood Ornament

Unbelievable cellphone footage showed the moment when a Mercedes owner smacked an autistic kid for bending the hood ornament of his vehicle as the youngster was strolling along a California street.

On July 1, Alfredo Morales, 10, and his elder sister were crossing the street in the Pacoima district of Los Angeles near the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Osbourne Street.

As the siblings made their way to the bus stop for their regular grocery run,

little Alfredo bent the Mercedes-Benz logo on the front of the expensive automobile when it was idling at a red light at the intersection. The driver became enraged, quickly doing a U-turn and approaching the two people seated at the bus stop. 

The unnamed driver was filmed slapping Alfredo only seconds after assessing the damage, which would have cost around $500 to fix.

According to a vehicle history record, the automobile was bought from a dealership in Southern California a little over a year ago, and its actual cost is a little over $146,000.

In the video, the youngster’s Spanish-speaking sister apologizes to the driver wearing sunglasses, saying she was sorry and adding that her brother is autistic. 

Unfazed, the guy advances on the siblings as the sister is seen attempting to both soothe the youngster and argue for him.

The guy cocks his fist back to smack him, and he gives the lad an open-palm hit to the face before firmly pointing his finger at the now-cowering child.

With his hands at his sides and a puffy chest, he suddenly turns to leave and heads back to his vehicle.

A female voice can be heard yelling, “No, stop him,” as he opens the door and prepares to take off. He seems to chastise another spectator before settling down.

After that, the guy starts the vehicle and drives off, but not before the person filming captures a picture of his license plate.

The middle-aged guy shown in the video has not yet been officially recognized. He may face charges of violence on a kid, which may result in a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the severity of the trauma.

He may spend up to six years in prison if proven guilty.