Campaign Staffer Leaks Sensitive Info Against Top Republican

( Wisconsin Republican Adam Steen ran against sleazy Speaker Robin Vos in the 63rd district GOP primary.

Reports show that a strange decline in votes throughout the night helped Joe Biden defeat President Trump in the state during the 2020 presidential election. Robin Vos battled tooth and nail to obstruct the probe, and throughout the whole Wisconsin investigation, Vos behaved more like a devoted Democrat than a Republican. After defeating Adam Steen by a few hundred votes in the primary, he promptly halted any inquiries into election integrity and revoked any pending subpoenas to Democratic mayors.

Adam Steen is now pursuing a write-in candidacy for Representative to the Wisconsin Assembly District 63.

Recently, a former Adam Steen campaign worker allegedly stole data from his campaign and private company and leaked it to the media. Local Wisconsin authorities informed The Gateway Pundit that they think this agent, Joann Koenecke, may have connections to Robin Vos.

They are planning to take legal action. On October 16, 2022,
Adam Steen issued a statement.

According to the statement, Steen discovered that someone he thought was a reliable friend and volunteer campaign staff member disclosed historical information from his campaign and private company without permission. His team has started the remedial action process since the woman committed a crime.

Given how close the race is, the timing of these attacks makes it clear that they are part of a desperate and overtly political effort meant to sink Steen’s candidacy. Furthermore, it appears that Vos, the weak and dishonest opponent, is trying desperately to divert attention away from the fact that he has done very little to advance Wisconsin’s safety and prosperity over 17 years.

The statement claimed that Wisconsin citizens, especially the people in the 63rd District, are disgusted by these tactics. They are all too prevalent in the swamp of Madison. This was one of the primary factors in Steen’s initial decision to run, and he won’t be deterred.

That’s the American spirit!