CCP “Pedophile” Expose Dropped By An Unlikely Source

( An American radio personality and bounty hunter exposes Child Protective Services’ complicity in alleged child sex trafficking in a jaw-dropping interview with a woman who lost her 2-year-old.

Stew Peters, whose popular show has been blocked by big tech censors, exposed the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services operations in conversations with Kara Witkowski.

When Witkowski sought to leave her violent, suspected pedophile husband, her children were removed from her and given to him. Witkowski requested a 2-year protection order against Thomas Biel, the father of her children, who had physically and sexually assaulted her, but she could not break away from him due to an unsupervised visitation order that gave him ongoing, private contact with their children.

Witkowski reported her children’s physical and sexual abuse at their father’s home to the state, including that her daughter was touched in her “bathing suit zone” and had bruises and scratches when she returned. DCFS agreed with the abuser and accused Witkowski and her children of lying.

Thomas Biel could win full custody of both of Kara’s children with the state’s consent, despite their knowledge that he possessed a hard drive full of child pornography, and they’re rejecting his own children’s charges. Witkowski tells Stew Peters that a judge issued an order blocking rape kits from being used on the children. At the same time, they were in their father’s care, preventing them from being protected and any claims against Biel from being investigated.

On Halloween night, 2019, cops found 2-year-old James motionless on his grandfather Jerry Biel’s bed. Jerry Biel is accused of sexually assaulting minors, including his granddaughter. The Biels said James was OK before he was found unconscious.

Baby James had a blood bubble in his nose, red froth in his mouth, a swollen tongue, and a cut on his lip, according to the police report. Despite this, officials that disregarded persistent maltreatment ruled James’ death “accidental.”

Kara Witkowski isn’t the only parent harmed by DCFS and other CPS departments. The protective divisions designed to safeguard children have grown less effective and often harm families. Nationally, sex trafficking of minors has been part of “protection services” for years.

Powerful political families have been accused of using CPS against adversaries.

Nancy Pelosi’s son was accused of beating the 6-year-old daughter of a lady he was “obsessed” with before turning on the woman, his ex-girlfriend Karena Feng, and using CPS to get her kid taken away using mob-like methods.