CDC Changes Guidelines As Wokeness Takes Over

( Late last year, the Centers for Disease Control released new terminology guidelines which are yet another example of left-wing “woke” culture infiltrating the federal government.

In presenting its “Preferred Terms for Select Population Groups & Communities,” the CDC explains that communication products should use language that reflects its focus audience and speaks to their needs. So in its effort to “shift toward non-stigmatizing language,” the CDC offers a list of recommended alternative terms to replace supposed “stigmatizing” terms.

According to the CDC, its list should be used as a “guide and inspiration” to choose words “carefully, inclusively, and appropriately” depending on the audience.

For example, instead of using a single word like “inmate,” “criminal,” or prisoner,” the CDC recommends stupid things like “people/persons who are incarcerated or detained (often used for shorter jail stays, for youth in detention facilities or for other persons awaiting immigration proceedings in detention facilities).”

Well, that just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

Similarly, the CDC advises people to avoid terms like “handicapped” or “disabled.” Instead, it recommends using terms like “People with disabilities/a disability” or “People who use a wheelchair or mobility device.”

Likewise, drug and substance abusers should never be referred to as “drug users,” “addicts,” “smokers,” or “alcoholics.” Instead, the CDC recommends using terms like “persons who use drugs/people who inject drugs” or “persons with alcohol use disorder.”

Does this mean Alcoholics Anonymous has to become Persons With Alcohol Use Disorder Anonymous? So much for shorting it to AA.

“Sorry guys. I can’t tonight. I have to go to my PWAUDA meeting.”

If you think it sounds crazy, you’d be right. But for heaven’s sake don’t use the word “crazy.” The CDC would prefer you say it sounds like a “pre-existing mental health disorder.”

And whatever you do, don’t suggest that the person who concocted this preferred terms list is “insane.” Instead, the CDC would rather you describe the person as someone “with a diagnosis of a mental illness /mental health disorder/behavioral health disorder.”