Ceiling Leaks Above Democrat Governor As She Was Celebrating The New Building.

(NewsGlobal.com)- Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul was hosting a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new corridor in New York City’s Penn Station last Tuesday when the ceiling began to leak before the lane even opened.

Reports show the governor of New York was announcing a new main entrance on the Long Island Rail Road concourse to and from Penn Station.

According to local news, the MTA Chair Janno Lieber stated they finally created an area in Penn Station that’s more appropriate for humans than rats.

Hochul boasted about her record as governor and making Penn Station world-class even as the ceiling in the station corridor where she conducted the news conference began to leak.

Hochul stated that Penn Station was the beating heart of New York City.
But the beating heart, as she called it, had a valve regurgitation.

Hochul explained that as soon as she was elected Governor, she went to work. While having a better Penn Station has always been a fantastic concept, it wasn’t occurring at the rate she believed it should.

And then water streamed down in front of her podium.

According to a local reporter, an MTA executive stated that the room was not yet done because condensation gathered from the roof, causing it to drop liquids. The executive noted that the HVAC system needed to be upgraded.

Gov. Kathy Hochul told 5.4 million of the state’s Republicans last month to get on a bus and drive down to Florida, where they belong. Hochul told them they’re not real New Yorkers.

According to reports, the Empire State has already lost 1.5 million citizens in the last decade, and this trend shows no signs of abating. Almost 350,000 New Yorkers moved during the 12 pandemic-plagued months preceding July 1, 2021.

Hochul’s effort at wit exposes a huge problem that has plagued New York since the Cuomo-Hochul period began. New Yorkers are fleeing, and they’re taking their tax dollars with them.

For the Liberals seeking to flee their Democrat-run state for a free one- Please leave your garbage where you created it.