China Limits Export of Certain Items, Citing National Security Interests

Container terminal. Export or import related 3D

China announced that it would begin restricting the export of some aerospace and aviation-related technology and equipment starting on July 1.

According to a notice published on the Commerce Ministry website on May 30, the export restrictions are aimed at safeguarding China’s national security interests while fulfilling its international obligations, like non-proliferation.

Starting on July 1, aviation and aerospace exports would be subjected to new rules that require export licenses.

The announcement was made in a joint release from Beijing’s General Administration of Customs and the equipment development department of the Central Military Commission.

Under the new rules, export controls would apply to structural parts and engines for aviation and aerospace, equipment related to the manufacture of engines, as well as software and technology.

The export restrictions also include molds, fixtures, tools, and other equipment used in making certain materials, including the “superplastic” used in bonding aluminum, titanium, and their alloys.

Both the United States and China have moved to restrict exports of equipment, technology, and products that the countries consider vital to national security.

Beijing has also imposed sanctions on American defense and aerospace manufacturers in retaliation for their sale of weapons to Taiwan. However, the sanctions are largely symbolic since none of the American defense contractors sell to China.

The United States has placed export controls on the export of some aircraft and instruments, aero gas turbine engines, and navigation systems and equipment.

According to the Commerce Ministry’s notice, the export controls would also include the export of technologies used in designing, building, and using aerospace equipment, such as drawings, specifications, parameters, and simulation data.

While China does export engine parts and other aerospace components, the impact of the new export restrictions is unclear. China has developed jet engines, but it still obtains key aircraft parts from foreign suppliers.