China Panics After Leak Exposes Them, Claims It’s An “Evil Narrative”

( A trove of police documents and photos from Xinjiang province obtained by hackers four years ago were made public last week. The records provide further evidence of human rights abuses against Uyghur Muslims in China. And naturally, the Chinese Communist Party is using its propagandist media to downplay and dismiss what the documents reveal.

The collection of hacked documents, known as the Xinjiang Police Files was initially obtained by hackers in 2018 and given to Dr. Adrian Zenz from the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation.

For the last four years, analysts from around the world worked to verify the accuracy of the documents before finally releasing them to the public last Tuesday.

Unsurprisingly, Beijing was quick to dismiss the report through its propagandists in the Chinese state-controlled media.

Last Wednesday, the state-run Global Times accused Zenz and the international journalists that verified the documents of trying to “abduct” UN Human Rights Commissioner, Michelle Bachelet. The Global Times claimed that they planned to use Bachelet as a “puppet” during her upcoming visit to Xinjiang.

Beijing has been stonewalling Bachelet for years as part of its effort to cover up evidence of human rights abuses in Xinjiang.

The Global Times accused the US and “anti-China forces” of using these documents to launch a “disinformation” campaign as a way to pressure Bachelet.

The state-run outlet dismissed the response to the Xinjiang Police Files from US and European officials by claiming Zenz was a “notorious rumormonger” who specializes in “smearing Xinjiang.”

The Global Times “reported” that it had debunked the documents. It claimed that “experts” had reviewed the files uploaded by Zenz’s foundation and determined that Zenz “had used his old tactics, including misinterpreting speeches and mixing local police anti-terrorist drills with police operations.”

The outlet also claimed that it was a “high possibility” that the documents were “counterfeit.” It argued that this was just a continuation of the West using an “evil narrative” to smear Xinjiang and “contain China.”

And, as always, the Global Times argued that the West is trying to portray “vocational education and training centers” in Xinjiang as “concentration camps” based on “lies” about forced labor and genocide.