China Targets Kamala Harris After “Meeting” Reported

( Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly in trouble with the Chinese Communist Party, with reports revealing that her recent meeting with her Taiwanese counterpart during a trip to Honduras.

Chinese Communist Party spokesman Zhao Lijian slammed Harris for meeting with Taiwanese officials, citing the country’s expectation that the United States respects the “One China Policy” that claims Taiwan as a territory.

Harris told the press how she met with William Lai to talk about their shared interest in Central America and what she calls the “root causes” of mass illegal immigration into the United States.

“The brief conversation that we had was really about a common interest in this part of the region and apparently Taiwan’s interest in our root causes strategy,” she told the press.

Lai made life difficult for Harris, however, telling reporters that he had thanked the vice president for providing “rock-solid” support to Taiwan.

China’s Taiwan Affairs Office slammed the meeting, however, and called on the United States to “take actual steps to put into effect its promises not to support Taiwan independence, and stop playing with fire on the Taiwan issue.”

It was a clear demand from the Chinese Communist Party that Vice President Harris stop engaging with Taiwanese officials, and that President Joe Biden withdraw economic and military support to the island as China reportedly prepares to invade.

During the Donald Trump administration, the United States stood firmly behind Taiwan and never wavered. Will President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris buckle under Chinese pressure and leave Taiwan to be invaded by communist forces?