Chinese Govt. Dismisses Biden’s Tariff Threat as a ‘Farce’

China’s state media criticized the Biden administration’s tariff threats on May 15th. They also expressed disdain for the US government’s attempts to shield the US electric vehicle (EV) sector from Chinese competition.

China said the US wasted no time trying to tarnish associated Chinese technology and items with harmful material before placing new taxes on China. They are attempting to conceal that they’ve been politicizing trade and economic matters by manipulating public opinion.  China will react with firm actions to protect its interests, according to the state media outlet, which characterized Biden’s whole trade strategy as nothing more than a political stunt to win over voters during an election year.

China claims that Biden’s decision to raise taxes on Chinese electric cars from 27.5% to 102.5 percent showed his incompetence and fear.

Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, said that China may challenge the Biden tariffs at the WTO.

Many of the lawmakers who were critical of Trump’s decision to increase tariffs on Chinese goods are now acting differently to Biden’s proposals. Some believe it isn’t because of partisanship but rather a growing opposition to free trade in the United States.

Republicans are worried that China will devour billions of dollars worth of green energy and electric vehicle investments. Republican Marco Rubio of Florida said that American car companies and the people who work for them face an extinction-level danger from the Chinese auto sector.

Currently, Democrats and Republicans view former President Donald J. Trump’s effective use of tariffs against China as insightful, contrary to claims made by Chinese state media about white flags as symbols of weakness. Democrats, however, insisted they trust Biden to use tariffs more effectively.

The Trump campaign denounced President Joe Biden’s move to increase tariffs on Chinese EVs as an ineffective diversion from the damage that Biden’s electric vehicle requirement is causing to the American auto sector.