Chris Cuomo Accused Of Assaulting Woman, Is Why He Was Fired

( Chris Cuomo, the disgraced former CNN anchor, is facing fresh allegations that he sexually attacked a female temporary worker at ABC News during a conversation over lunch when she rejected his proposition.

According to a report by the New York Times, the revelation about Chris Cuomo’s sexual attack on the ABC temporary worker was revealed only hours after he was suspended from CNN for helping his brother, then-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, escape accusations of sexual assault from around a dozen women.

The Times didn’t name the women who Cuomo allegedly attacked, but did outline some of the details from a letter written by the accuser’s lawyer, Debra Katz. The letter was sent to CNN and reportedly explains a story from 2011.

A woman, known as Jane Doe in the letter, was a young worker at ABC hoping to leverage her temporary role into a full-time job. One day, Chris Cuomo offered the young woman some career advice and then invited her to come to his office for a discussion over lunch. When she arrived at his office, there was no food, and Cuomo instead “badgered her for sex.”

When she declined, however, Cuomo allegedly assaulted her and she quickly ran out of the room.

According to The New York Times, the young woman then tried to “smooth things over” with Cuomo through a series of emails, as she was still hoping to get a full-time job at ABC and worried what effect talking about the incident would have. She also reportedly told some of her friends and colleagues about Cuomo’s “unwelcome sexual requests.”

If it’s true, it means that both Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo – who were forced out of their roles over the same scandal – may both have sexually assaulted or abused women who did not appreciate their sexual advances.

It says a lot about them and the people who defend them, doesn’t it?

Read the full expose here. If even the New York Times is exposing Cuomo, you know there’s something bad going on…