Chris Cuomo May Be Replaced By Chris Wallace

( Under CNN’s new management, former Fox News host Chris Wallace might find himself sitting in Chris Cuomo’s chair. Hopefully, he gives it a deep cleaning beforehand.

According to The Daily Beast, new CNN head Chris Licht, who takes over the reins in May, is noodling out who will host CNN’s 9:00 pm slot now that the disgraced little brother of disgraced Governor Andrew Cuomo is history. And among the names being floated around is Chris Wallace.

Wallace left Fox News to join the live-streaming version of CNN, CNN+. But after Jeff Bezos and his paramour left the cable network, Wallace was allegedly fuming for getting sold a bill of goods.

Another name being considered is the serial fabulist and former NBC anchor Brian Williams. So if you thought CNN’s new management would usher in an era of unbiased, honest news, think again.

Meanwhile, the disgraced former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo filed legal papers on Wednesday demanding CNN pay him $125 million in damages for being fired.

Cuomo is going scorched-earth in his arbitration filing, calling his termination the “epitome of hypocrisy.”

Cuomo accuses the network of “selectively enforcing” its rules by firing him and turning a blind eye to the misdeeds of his colleagues. And Cuomo goes into detail over those misdeeds.

He calls out Don Lemon’s cozy collusion with hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett; Jake Tapper’s election interference in 2020 when he attempted to stop Republican Sean Parnell from running against Pennsylvania Democrat Conor Lamb; and of course, he brings up the Zoom-diddler Jeffrey Toobin, noting that Toobin was allowed back on the air after apologizing for masturbating during a Zoom call.

The bulk of the money Cuomo wants, at least $110 million, stems from his claim that CNN violated his contract by “failing to instruct CNN employees not to disparage Cuomo.” This, the hapless Fredo claims, led to attacks on his ethics and reputation.

According to Cuomo’s filing, his journalistic integrity was “unjustifiably smeared” and that made it impossible for him to find work.

Who knew Chris Cuomo had any journalistic integrity.