Chris Wallace CAREER Announcement – Decision Reached

( American broadcast journalist Chris Wallace has finally found a home at CNN.

According to reports, CNN president Chris Licht said during the Warner Bros. Discovery upfront presentation that the veteran newsman’s CNN+ show will move to HBO Max and will also run on CNN’s linear channel on Sundays.

Chris Wallace was the host of CNN+’s Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? which was a flop after one month. Wallace was given a $9 million deal for the effort. In the weeks after the ill-fated CNN+ collapse, his standing at the network has been the topic of considerable debate.

CNN+ began operations on March 29 and ended on April 30. After its downfall, employees were said to be furious. Reports show workers were angry that the celebrity employees would be protected but wanted to know where the supporting staff would end up and what would happen to them.

Wallace claimed he was in good shape, whether he would end up at CNN or somewhere else after CNN+ failed. Wallace left Fox News after nearly two decades to join CNN+, which at the time of its demise had laughably low viewer numbers.

Reports show Chris Wallace’s new show will run on the HBO Max streaming service in addition to its weekly place on CNN’s primetime roster. The interview-focused show will use the same moniker it had on CNN+ before it shut down — “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?”

In a statement, CNN CEO Chris Licht said part of the CNN brand is respectful, accurate, and compelling interviews. He claimed Chris Wallace is one of the finest interviewers in the business. Licht suggested Wallace is part of a captivating and engaging program they will offer to HBO Max and include in the CNN Sunday evening programming.

Wallace has faced criticism from both the Left and the Right for keeping both political and ideological factions accountable during his career.
In 2020, he mediated the first presidential debate, which was highly criticized for
being amiable to Hillary Clinton.