Chris Wallace Finally Asks Top Democrat What We’re All Thinking

( Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Republican Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene in response to CNN anchor Chris Wallace’s inquiry over whether both major parties are too extremist.

The video showed that Ocasio-Cortez responded to a question about Democrats and Republicans moving away from the “fringes” by stating that she is not extreme in the manner that Republican Marjorie Taylor Green is regarded as extreme.

The self-described democrat socialist explained that her extremism entails guaranteed universal healthcare, whereas Greene wants undocumented individuals to suffer physical injury.  Ocasio-Cortez noted that she would object to the notion that she and Greene are very similar.

Like an emotionally-charged 10-year-old girl, Ocasio-Cortez cited Fox News personality Tucker Carlson as the root of political violence.  According to a report, she stated that she could say with absolute certainty that Tucker Carlson is one of the leading sources of death threats she receives.

She has offered no proof for any of her accusations.

According to reports, Ocasio-Cortez was ridiculed on Twitter earlier this month when she referred to anti-war demonstrators, former supporters of hers,  as “rude” for interrupting her town hall.

Ocasio-Cortez participated in a poorly attended town hall in the Bronx, New York when two protestors disrupted the session to protest the congresswoman’s support for sending cash and weapons to Ukraine.

A protestor yelled that she voted for the mobilization and funding of Ukrainian Nazis and called her a coward. The protestor questioned if she was a progressive socialist and asked her where she stood in opposition to war mobilization.

Twitter users drew attention to the vacant seats and the fact that Ocasio-Cortez previously endorsed “uncomfortable” protest marches.

Glenn Greenwald, an independent journalist, mentioned Ocasio-earlier Cortez’s views on protesting.

On 12/2020, in response to Antifa activists threatening politicians in public, AOC stated that activists should be disrespectful. The entire purpose of protesting is to cause discomfort.

Greenwald then contrasted the preceding comment with AOC telling protesters who confronted her for sponsoring Biden’s proxy war that she would not respond to them because they’re rude.

Dave Rubin, political pundit and host of “The Rubin Report,” stated that the event exemplified how Democratic figures act without corporate media support.

He stated that AOC holds a town hall meeting, but hardly anyone attends, and a constituent gave her the middle finger. Progressives have no support outside of corporate media and big tech.

He then quoted one of the protestors who stated they once believed in her, but she had become the problem she claimed to have fought.