Chris Wallace Gushes Over Discredited January 6th “Witness.”

( After the shocking testimony that Cassidy Hutchinson delivered before the Committee on January 6, CNN host Chris Wallace gushed to viewers that “she was really wonderful,” praising Hutchinson for her performance.

A former top aide to Trump, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, and a front-row witness to the events surrounding the day, Hutchinson was the nucleus of a hearing during which she delivered bombshell after bombshell about the actions of then-President Donald Trump and his inner circle before and during the attack on the Capitol.

On Tuesday’s special program on CNN, co-anchor Anderson Cooper asked Wallace for his opinion, and Wallace took advantage of the tee-ball set up for him to praise the star witness’s manner, content, and character.

Chris Wallace asked Gloria Berger if they could talk about Cassidy Hutchinson. He said as someone active in prosecutions, he would start by bowing to Berger’s expertise.

He felt she made for excellent testimony. She was really accurate. She said Cipollone entered the room, left the door open, and was standing in the transom, whether she had heard or overheard a conference session.

Berger concurred.

Mr. Wallace rhapsodized while recalling Hutchinson’s tale.

“When I entered the dining room, I could hear. I retreated, but the door was still open. I could see Mark Meadows, but I could also hear what Trump and Cipollone were saying in the background.”

“She was just brilliant,” Wallace fawned.

Wallace said that none of the books we’ve read by these sharp marvelous reporters ever had the scene inside the base. There are still some unanswered questions, but she made more connections than anybody else between Giuliani’s comments on January 2 about violence and Meadows’ comment that things were going to go really, really terrible. She merely makes the connection between the violence and Cipollone’s entry and Trump’s knowing.

“And remember, she also talks about Meadows talking to Michael Flynn and Stone!” Wallace beamed.

“…the only thing which you talked about your quote of the day, when she’s asked about the 2:24 pm tweet by Trump. As Pence is under attack he’s saying, too bad he didn’t show courage. She says, I came in to represent the administration to show all the good it had done, when I read this, I felt frustrated, it was disgusting, it was unAmerican, it was unpatriotic and I was watching the Capitol being defaced over a lie.”

There has been no cross-examination of Hutchinson, and part of her testimony has been forcefully refuted by the people she says were involved. A judge in a proper court would tell the jury that they can dismiss the totality of witness testimony if part of it is impeached.

Someone tell Wallace. He can be found in the restroom trying to clean up and compose himself after the “riveting and trustworthy testimony.”