Chris Wallace Makes Surprise Visit On TV

( On Monday, former CNN+ anchor Chris Wallace joined the team as a guest at AC360. His appearance comes almost three weeks after the abrupt shutdown of the streaming service for which he had left Fox News to work.

Wallace, who worked for Fox News for the past 18 years, discussed the political climate in Pennsylvania and took a jab at former President Donald Trump.

Anderson Cooper started the conversation by mentioning that leading Democratic Senate contender Lt. Gov. John Fetterman had a minor stroke over the weekend.

Cooper inquired whether or not he considered the medical episode to be detrimental to Fetterman’s chances.

Wallace believed that Fetterman would be victorious despite the apparent health setback.

Wallace pointed out that political strategists believe Fetterman’s “liberal” ideology might be detrimental to the party in the event of a general election. The Democratic Party hopes to replace retiring Senator Pat Toomey with one of their own (R-PA).

“To our good fortune,” Wallace stated, “consultants are not responsible for candidate selection.” “The voters do.”

(One wonders why a supposed neutral journalist would say “our.”)

On the other hand, Wallace stated that the race for the Republican nomination in Pennsylvania’s primary had become a three-way tie between Mehmet Oz, who is supported by Trump, David McCormick, and rising far-right contender Kathy Barnette.

Wallace said that the strategists would suggest that Oz and McCormick would have a lot better chance in attempting to keep this Republican seat, which is critical if the Republicans are going to win back the Senate. But ultimately, it’s up to the voters, and they may choose Barnette.
Cooper and Wallace then discussed the Republican primary for governor in Pennsylvania and specifically Doug Mastriano, the front-runner for the far-right Republican party.

This past weekend, just a few days before voters travel to the polls on Tuesday, Trump announced his support for Mastriano.

Wallace asserted that Donald Trump delayed choosing a candidate so that he could find someone who would assist him in protecting his record of endorsements.

In a subtle jab, Wallace referred to Trump’s support in the 11th hour by saying he is highly late and supposes that President Trump is attempting to improve his batting average in some way. And it appears that Mastriano is going to come out on top.”

Wallace seems bitter.