Christie Blasts DeSantis For Acting Innocent On Slavery Curriculum

Chris Christie, a media pundit and potential Republican presidential nominee in 2024, criticized Gov. Ron DeSantis, a primary opponent, for seeking to distance himself from his state’s intention to teach, as part of African American History in public schools, the “personal benefit” earned from being a slave.

Face the Nation moderator Margaret Brennan showed footage on Sunday in which DeSantis responded to reporters’ questions on the controversial change, which the Department of Education approved on Wednesday.

Brennan questioned Christie, a member, former governor, and candidate for the Republican party, on how the considerable scandal “reflects” on the party. 

Christie said that  DeSantis saying that “he didn’t do it” and he’s “not involved”  are not the words of leadership.

The former New Jersey Governor said that DeSantis started the fire with the law that he signed, and now he doesn’t want to accept responsibility for whatever is done in the aftermath.

Christie added that DeSantis seems uneasy in his skin from what he’s seen and heard.

He noted that politicians are preoccupied with these “smaller issues” even though the country has far more significant problems.

Christie told Brenna that when we have significant concerns in this nation and throughout the globe, one shouldn’t be asked about such minor issues. Then he went back to criticizing the leadership of his 2024 rival, saying DeSantis initiates these incidents for partisan gain. He uses them for political gain before claiming ignorance and innocence.

He then echoed the claims of many in the press that DeSantis is further to the right and thus worse than Donald Trump. Brennan asked Christie to clear up what he meant by “smaller issues” in the context of racial division. Christie said he was referencing his “micromanaging” of school curricula.

Christie explained that after deciding to run for president, DeSantis only started to focus on this when he tried to get to the right of Donald Trump. The public, Christie believes, views this as manipulative from a political standpoint.