CNN Executive Screams Over “Offensive” Joke About Network

After CNN sponsored a town hall with Trump two weeks ago, a writer for the Washington Post and contributor to MSNBC, Jennifer Rubin, called CNN a “laughingstock” in an op-ed described as reckless and offensive by a CNN official.

In a statement posted to Twitter, which said that while CNN Worldwide’s head of strategic communications, Matt Dornic, acknowledged that Rubin has the right to her opinion, he blasted her for calling CNN’s thousands of hardworking employees around the world a “laughingstock” because of her disagreement with the validity of a single event. That’s hardly an example of journalistic advocacy. It’s terrible form, Dornic wrote. 

A report shows that in an editorial post for The Washington Post, Rubin warned that it’s easy to fall into the trap of recruiting ex-administration insiders who lied constantly and coddled MAGA Republicans out of fear of losing access if you aren’t a professional journalist. 

Jennifer Rubin also said the network’s credibility had been damaged because it had hired analysts who had previously served in the Trump administration.

Dornic refuted this claim as well.

He remarked that with due deference, MSNBC employees shouldn’t criticize the network for recruiting former White House staffers or its panelists.

Last year, MSNBC recruited Jen Psaki, a former press secretary in the Biden White House, as a political commentator. This spring, MSNBC gave Psaki a Sunday hosting role.

As mentioned by The Blaze, after the Supreme Court reversed the Roe v. Wade ruling, Jennifer Rubin was mocked online for saying that women may be “executed” by a state.

Rubin made the preposterous remark over Twitter and was swiftly mocked for it.

She tweeted that even if the abortion occurs during the first few hours after conception, a state may now legally kill a woman for not giving birth against her will. 

Radio host Jason Rantz was one of the many who chimed in, tweeting back that something was “seriously wrong” with her.

The Washington Post has promoted Rubin as their “conservative” writer, although many are skeptical of this label due to her relentless attacks on conservative leaders and policies.