Coach Busted After Spending $5k Of Taxpayer Dollars At Strip Club

A high school soccer coach from Texas was taken into police custody after the discovery that he had spent $5,000 at a strip club using a credit card issued by the school system.

The Men’s Club of Houston was the site of J.D. Bales’ July spending binge. Bales was an assistant coach at Bridgeport High School.

Bales was freed after posting a $10,000 bail, which was likely made using his own credit card. Although he faced charges in November, they remained sealed until December.

The $5,455.81 balance was due shortly before the former coach resigned on September 11. Following the coach’s departure, the school notified the Wise County District Attorney about the district’s funds that had been stolen. Bales was employed by the district in 2018.

Bales told the district that the charge had not come from him and that the card details had been stolen. But there was proof that he was in the strip club on the day the credit card charges were made, according to the investigators.

Bales ultimately submitted payment for the amount.

Arrests of six members of his soccer squad, including a 14-year-old, were made in May on charges of hazing.

According to the hazers, they had the kids stripped down to their underwear and then videotaped them saying sexist and degrading things.

According to a press release, while at the hotel during an away-game, a group of upperclassmen physically assaulted an underclassman and forced him to remove his clothes. When the victim began to scream, someone put a pillow over his face. This blocked his airway to such an extent that he thought he was going to pass out.

Authorities discovered evidence of an event involving the grabbing and covering of a lowerclassman’s neck and mouth by an upperclassman, as well as the removal of the victim’s underpants and trousers, during a bus ride. The affidavit asserts that the school bus surveillance system recorded the incident.