Columnist Slams Biden Reelection As Historic Mistake

Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan wrote that President Biden is committing a historical blunder by staying in the 2024 race because it’s obvious his motivation is the “river of power.” Noonan pointed out that several prominent media have urged the president to withdraw his 2024 bid.

He’s making a “historical mistake” by insisting on running. She noted that second terms are usually prone to disaster, and he’s incapable of it. Doing so would tarnish what his fans see as a good legacy while giving the Kamala Harris issue room to grow. Harris, she said, proves that deep and generational party domination in a state tends to generate mediocrity.

Vice President Kamala Harris, she added, lacked “policy knowledge.”

She criticized Harris, saying politicians from one-party states (Harris is from California) never understand broadness. They speak only Party People and are the only ones who can understand what she is saying. They aren’t made to become policy experts, only party politics.

She said the country would descend into some chaos if the President decided not to run, but the Democratic Party would be up to the task of finding a replacement.

When describing the two candidates, she wrote the closer the election approaches, the less you can envision Mr. Biden commanding a real re-election push, one with adequate intensity and focus.

President Trump, she noted, seems in his brain to think he is exactly what he was in 2016 and will continue with his “mad vigor.” She claimed Trump looked physically worse than President Biden.

Noonan said that the president could not be dissuaded from power or “glittering treasures” by the advice of his friends, citing an incident that occurred while the president’s children were small and he was visiting Wilmington, Delaware.

David Ignatius of the Washington Post recently argued that the President and Vice President should resign because Biden is “too old.” It was one of a number of pieces written recently by people on the political left who think Biden should resign.