Congressman Says Secret Service Has Tracked Down The Cocaine Suspect

In an interview published on Monday, Republican member of the House Oversight Committee Pat Fallon of Texas said he believes the U.S. Secret Service has probably identified a suspect in the cocaine case involving the White House from last week.

After consulting with law enforcement experts in his native state, Fallon told Fox News host Martha MacCallum that removing fingerprints from the baggie containing cocaine should take no more than an hour.

He said, logically, law enforcement would have notified them right away if there were no fingerprints.

Fallon surmised that fingerprints could then be compared to the database. Since this was discovered in an area frequented by high-ranking staff members, most had likely been fingerprinted. 

Fallon’s biggest fear is that they know who the owner of the bag of cocaine is and are hiding that information.

Last week, officials said they anticipated the Secret Service probe to wrap up today, but that deadline has already been pushed out.

According to Fox News contributor Chad Pergram, the Secret Service briefing on cocaine at the White House has been postponed to Thursday, July 13, at 10 a.m. 

Social media users have commented that the USSS may have more to share about their investigation.

The white powdered material recovered by the Secret Service last Sunday was identified as cocaine following extensive laboratory testing. 

The finding sparked rumors that the drugs belonged to Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, who has a history of drug problems and has been spotted around the White House. Officials did not comment on whether or not they suspect the younger Biden.

Given the recent history of the DOJ, it is not out of bounds to think they would run cover for Hunter Biden. Their behavior leads to a lack of faith in their agencies, which is terrible for the country.