Conservative Talk Radio Legend Dead At 64

( Bernard “Bernie” McGuirk, a conservative radio talk show personality, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 64 following a battle with prostate cancer, according to his network.

McGuirk formerly worked as a personality and executive producer for the late Don Imus on his show, “Imus in the Morning,” according to a statement from WABC. McGuirk co-hosted WABC’s “Bernie and Sid in the Morning” with co-host Sid Rosenberg.

On October 11, the network intends to telecast a special tribute to McGuirk.

Thursday morning’s broadcast of McGuirk’s death was announced by Red Apple Media’s president, Chad Lopez, who also serves as president of WABC.

Lopez announced that Bernard McGuirk had passed away on October 5 in the presence of his family. He said he was a husband, a father, and a friend, in a way that was encouraging to everyone.

“Bernie courageously battled cancer for all to see and hear in a manner that was inspiring to all of us,” he said.

Lopez said he was a wonderful gentleman and would be missed by everybody who knew and listened to him. McGuirk was described as the foundation of the morning program. He hosted the radio station’s morning show and was its rock.

There will be a memorial show for Bernard McGuirk on Tuesday, and thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Following his graduation from the College of Mount Saint Vincent in the Bronx, McGuirk started his radio career in New York City in 1986, according to the network. He first arrived at WABC in 2007 to work with Don Imus. In 2018, he launched his own radio program.

After Red Apple Media acquired the network in March 2020, his most recent show became the most listened-to morning program in New York.

During the 2016 election cycle, McGuirk, a former President Donald Trump supporter, spoke on the radio alongside Rosenberg, a supporter of Hillary Clinton. Trump was one of their first guests in 2018 when the two started co-hosting a show. The late presenter occasionally made an appearance on Fox News.

According to the network, McGuirk is survived by his wife, Carol, and his two children, Brendan and Melanie.