Convicted Murderer Gets Help From “Woke” DA

( Los Angeles’ far-left District Attorney is reportedly standing in the way of a man who robbed and executed an innocent man in 1992 from being executed by the state.

George Gascon, an opponent of the death penalty, doesn’t want Scott Forrest Collins from being put to death despite being given a death sentence for the brutal murder of Fred Rose.

In January of 1992, Collins killed Rose, a 41-year-old man, “execution-style” after robbing him in the street.

Gascon, however, believes that he shouldn’t face the death penalty – and the family of Rose’s is rightly appalled by it. Fox News reports how Rose’s family accuses the district attorney of working on getting Collins a “resentence’ of life without parole without actually informing them of his plans. They have also reportedly accused him of handling the case though he is a defense attorney and not a prosecutor.

When someone kills somebody “execution-style” in cold blood, for no reason other than wanting to rob them, that sounds like a good reason to be sentenced to death…doesn’t it?

In 1992 when Collins murdered Rose, he was out on parole after committing another armed robbery. He then allegedly later attempted to intimidate and hurt witnesses before he went to trial.

Rose’s family was hurt greatly by his murder, with his wife never remarrying. His daughter, Heather Scott, was only 12 years old when her father was taken from her.

Speaking to Fox, Scott said that she feels as though they have been abandoned by the prosecutors, even three decades later. She claimed that the office of the district attorney at the time of her father’s death was an “advocate” for the family, adding that they “fought” for them.

“They fought for us like you would fight for your own safety,” she said.

However, Scott also said that now, the district attorney’s office is “fighting for the murderer.”

Why would a district attorney fight for a murderer to get a lesser sentence?

It could be something to do with the fact that his election campaign was paid for, in part, by George Soros…