Cops Reveal What They Saw After Mass Killing

( Police officers testified Monday that the driver who plowed through the Waukesha, Wisconsin, Christmas parade last November appeared emotionless just before injuring people.

According to reports, Darrell Brooks is charged with more than 70 offenses for allegedly using a car to kill six people and seriously hurt many more during the event.

Waukesha officers Bryce Butryn and Sonia Schneider testified at the Darrell Brooks trial, shown on a YouTube livestream.

According to Butryn’s testimony, he responded to a call on the police radio that a car was approaching the parade route by standing with his hand raised on Main Street in Waukesha and ordering the vehicle to halt.

According to her testimony, Schneider, standing close to Butryn at the time, ran into the car’s path when she noticed it wasn’t stopping for him. She also unsuccessfully attempted to steer the vehicle to a nearby Street.

Butryn said that the driver had no expression and was gazing straight ahead, disregarding everything around the vehicle.

Schneider stated that she watched the car go by Butryn, gather speed, swerve, and then send people and things flying.

Reports show Darrell Brooks, defending himself during the trial, interrogated Butryn and Schneider. Judge Jennifer Dorow took him away from the main courtroom many times last week due to his disruptive behavior.

On Monday, Brooks expressed regret for his prior behavior in court, saying it did not represent his upbringing.

Brooks claimed he had a Christian upbringing and was not brought up that way by his mother. He wanted everyone to know that he was sorry for what he did and would do his best to behave himself and show respect to the court.

According to reports, in a pre-trial interview with local media, Brooks’ mother predicted that while serving as his own defense, he would appear manic.

Darrell Brooks Jr., who has a lengthy history of criminal activity, published many alarming memes and remarks on social media.

“Manic” or not, he committed the crimes. He should never be allowed among the public.