Criminal Hacker Now A Millionaire

( A couple of weeks ago, most people in the United States and the rest of the world just found out about the cryptocurrency laundromat called FTX. As soon as we discovered the actions on the company’s platform, this company filed for bankruptcy.

We found out that millions of dollars were contributed to Democrats from FTX. Is it possible that the number was in the billions?

One piece of evidence that has not yet been verified is the claim that a hacker stole money from FTX right before the company went bankrupt. According to recent articles that have been published in the media, this hacker managed to acquire a significant quantity of Ethereum tokens.

The legendary cryptocurrency hacker who stole Ethereum tokens from FTX just as the exchange was failing now has the 35th-largest hoard of Ethereum tokens in the entire globe.

According to a report from Bloomberg, an anonymous thief made a transaction on Tuesday in which they traded stablecoins worth $49 million for ether. By doing so, they significantly increased their holdings of the cryptocurrency with the second-largest market value. The amount of ether stolen by the hacker is currently approximately 228,525 tokens, which have a value of $288 million.

The decision was made after a crypto exchange owned by Sam Bankman-Fried filed for bankruptcy the previous Friday. As a result, many wallet holders were left wondering if they could retrieve assets still stuck in the marketplace.

Over $663 million worth of crypto tokens have been removed from FTX, with an estimated $477 million of the total liquidation possibly stolen. According to Bloomberg, the remaining withdrawals have been transferred into secure storage maintained by FTX.

The hacker is having trouble getting rid of ether. This is a total shambles. FTX had back doors from which users may withdraw their tokens. Perhaps insiders?