D.C. Activist Kept 5 Baby Fetusus In Her House

(NewsGlobal.com)- On Thursday, reporter Nathan Baca tweeted about a frightening find uncovered at the house of anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy in Washington, D.C.
“When I asked anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy what homicide detectives pulled out of her house Wednesday,” wrote Baca on Twitter, “she only said, ‘people will freak out when they hear.’”
Police responded to a complaint of possible biohazard material at Handy’s house. During a search, they discovered five fetuses inside, which were taken by the D.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.
While the dead fetuses were being transported from the premises in biohazard safe bags and coolers, Handy answered some questions from Baca.
She did admit she was expecting the raid at some time, but when questioned by the FBI, she refused to explain the fetuses.
Handy claimed in a Twitter thread in October 2020 that she was “frequently dumpster diving” at a Maryland abortion clinic in 2016 to recover babies so that they could receive “proper burial.”
Handy was charged with criminal obstruction of justice last week, along with other fellow anti-abortion activists. The charge was for blocking the door to a D.C. abortion clinic.
Handy was one of nine people charged with federal civil rights violations on March 30 in connection with the October 2020 incident. She and eight other anti-abortion demonstrators reportedly barged into the clinic and shut the doors. According to court records, Handy booked an appointment under a false identity.
According to Handy’s indictment from earlier this week, the activist phoned the Washington Surgi-Clinic under a fictitious name and arranged an appointment. Others made their way inside the premises after she angled her way in, knocking down a staffer in the process. Anti-abortion demonstrators then formed a human chain and blocked entry.
She has had a slew of additional legal problems stemming from her anti-abortion activity, including being detained for unlawful assembly and erecting blockades, which date back to 2015.
Handy is the founder of Mercy Missions, an anti-abortion organization.
Handy is defined on Mercy Missions website as “unashamedly pro-life” and someone who “confronts the culture of death head-on,”