Daily Mail Implicates Taylor Swift’s Father For Passing Up Ownership Rights

Taylor Swift’s claims about the battle over ownership of her master recordings may not be true, the UK Daily Mail reported.

In 2019, it was announced that Big Machine Label Group (BMLG), Swift’s original music label, had been purchased for $300 million by Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings. Just hours later, Swift said she was “grossed out” at the news since it meant that Braun now owned the master recordings of her first six albums.

Swift has maintained ever since that she fought to retain the ownership of her masters that were “stripped” from her by Scooter Braun, whom she claimed used “manipulative bullying” to “dismantle” her legacy.

But according to the Daily Mail, Swift’s narrative was already looking shaking after it was revealed last month that her father, former stockbroker Scott Swift, made $15.1 million on the sale of BMLG.

And after speaking with “industry insiders” that were familiar with the deal and reviewing documents, including emails and signed contracts, the Daily Mail concluded that both her father’s claim that he was unaware that BMLG was sold to Ithaca Holdings and Swift’s claim that she never had the chance to purchase her master recordings from Braun don’t pass the smell test.

According to the Mail, Swift had more than one chance to buy the masters.

One source told the Mail that it is “100 percent not true” that Braun never offered Swift a chance to purchase the masters.

Most of the sources who spoke to the Mail appeared to be much angrier at how Swift used the drama to gin up anger among her fans and portray herself as a victim.

Another source told the Mail that Swift “crossed a line” when she decided to cling to the “victim narrative.”

Yet another source disputed Swift’s claim that her masters were “stolen,” telling the Daily Mail that the singer never owned the master recordings in the first place. Instead, they were owned by BMLG CEO Scott Borchetta.

The emails and documents included in the Daily Mail’s report also cast doubt on Swift and her father’s claims.