Dangerous New AI Code Could Be Implemented In Nearly All Code Soon 

(NewsGlobal.com)- OpenAI, the artificial intelligence (AI) research startup behind the controversial ChatGPT chatbot, is now giving subscriptions to the technology so that corporations and developers may incorporate AI into their own products. 

With this move, OpenAI is looking to capitalize on the widespread interest in their chatbot, which has been available to the public since last November. 

Since it can generate text and answer inquiries, OpenAI argues that ChatGPT is a valuable resource for companies wishing to include AI-powered chatbots in their own apps and products. By integrating their applications with ChatGPT’s API, businesses and developers may access the same GPT 3.5 model that OpenAI employs at a price ten times lower than OpenAI’s existing models. 

It’s no secret that companies like Instacart, Shopify, and Snap use the ChatGPT API in their offerings. ChatGPT will be included in the shopping app of Instacart, the most prominent online grocery delivery service in the United States, with Instacart’s own artificial intelligence and product library.  

OpenAI’s two most well-known AI systems from the last year, ChatGPT and the image-generator DALL-E, have attracted a lot of attention from the public, and the business is trying to figure out how to fund the significant cloud-computing expenses associated with these models sustainably. OpenAI was successful in January in getting Microsoft to expand its investment in the company by $10 billion. This month, OpenAI began a queue for corporations and developers that want to incorporate ChatGPT into their applications and sell a premium version to consumers. 

Popular as ChatGPT may be, the app has been the subject of criticism and worries about its potential for misuse. There is concern among educators that students would utilize it to bypass their work and cheat. Yet, businesses like Quizlet are using ChatGPT in ways that may be more acceptable to educators, such as modeling the Socratic style for use in AI tutoring settings. 

OpenAI is attempting to cover up its infamous lefty bias, but the chatbot is still a lefty on political matters. 

In response to the Matt Walsh question, “What is a woman?” the definition has been updated to include, “Biologically speaking, women are distinguished by their reproductive system and the ability to give birth and nurse babies.”