Dem Rep Calls For Reprimand Of MTG Over Hunter Biden Pics

House Oversight Committee ranking Democrat Jamie Raskin is demanding that Chairman James Comer “publicly reprimand” committee member Marjorie Taylor Greene for displaying sexually explicit photos of Hunter Biden during a recent hearing, The Hill reported.

During the Oversight Committee hearing featuring testimony from the two IRS whistleblowers, Rep. Greene used her time to display graphic sexual photos taken from Hunter’s abandoned laptop while alleging that the younger Biden used his company to write off payments to prostitutes.

IRS Whistleblower Joseph Ziegler did not confirm Greene’s claim, only saying that Hunter deducted from his taxes money he spent for escorts, and one deduction ostensibly for a golf membership was, in reality, a membership to a “sex club.”

In a letter to Chairman Comer last Wednesday, Raskin said Greene’s display violated House rules on decorum. He argued that the images were “irrelevant to the putative subject” of the hearing and did not “advance” its “stated purpose.”

Rankin argued that Greene displayed the pictures for “purely voyeuristic, sensationalistic, and sadistic purposes,” and accused Chairman Comer of allowing the Oversight Committee to be reduced to “a 1970s-era dime store peep show.”

The ranking Democrat blasted Comer for failing to stop Greene from displaying “pornographic photography” during the hearing, saying it undermined the integrity of both the committee and the House.

Rankin reminded Comer that as the committee chair, he is obligated to “enforce the rules of decorum fairly and equitably.” He said it was up to Comer to make it clear that Greene’s display of pornographic images violated House rules while ensuring such incidents are not repeated in future hearings.

Calling for Comer to “publicly reprimand” the Georgia congresswoman, Rankin urged the chairman to issue a statement condemning Greene’s actions “as an affront to the dignity, propriety, and decorum of the Committee.”

In a statement responding to Raskin’s letter, Chairman Comer said it speaks to the ranking Democrat’s priorities that he is more concerned about Hunter’s embarrassment than he is about “the young women involved in his illegal activities.”