Democrat Attorney General Wants A “Drag Queen In Every School”

( The Attorney General of the state of Michigan, Dana Nessel, has advocated for establishing a “drag queen in every school.”

You read correctly.

Following her previous erroneous claims that critical race theory is not being taught in schools, Nessel commented about drag queens while speaking at a civil rights conference in Lansing.

Nessel asked and answered her idiotic question.

“You know what’s not a problem for kids seeking a good education? Drag queens!” she said.

She claimed, without proof, that not only are they not harming our children, but drag queens make everything better.

The AG continued by proclaiming that drag queens are fun! Drag queens are entertaining!

“You want to know something else that I’ll say was not poll-tested?” she asked.

She said that there should be a drag queen at every school. The audience erupted in applause and cheers.

Nessel claimed that that is fun for children and would cheer them up when they struggle with their feelings.

Nessel made the remarks in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s insistence that “drag is what America is all about.”

It has been known for a long time that sexual predators use drag queen shows to approach underage audiences and engage in sexual activity with them.
An investigation has been requested into an allegation made by a parent that a teacher took his son to a drag queen event that a convicted sex offender also attended. This claim was previously brought to our attention by the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

An individual who once served as the head of the Cream City Foundation, the organization responsible for sponsoring Drag Queen Story Hour in Milwaukee, was detained on suspicion of possessing child pornography.

In 2019, it was discovered that the Houston Public Library had permitted a registered sexual offender to participate in the Drag Queen Story Hour program to read to children.

One of the program’s drag queens, Alberto Garza, who was 32 years old at the time, was found guilty of sexually assaulting a youngster who was just eight years old in 2008.

Yesterday, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene announced that she would be presenting legislation that would make it unlawful to bring minors to events featuring drag queens or other transgender performers.