Democrat Leader Calls For Executions Of MAGA Supporters

( “We’ve gotta kill and confront that movement,” Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan said in reference to so-called MAGA Republicans on Tuesday.

During an MSNBC appearance, Ryan said that the United States must “move out of this age of stupidity” and into a “period of reconciliation and reform.”

Ryan asked, “How are these broken systems to be fixed? “He said some of those answers will come from Republicans, but not the extremists they constantly have to deal with. He said we must put an end to and oppose that movement.

Even if you assume he’s using metaphor, Biden has consistently labeled the majority of Americans as “extremists,” thus, this choice of words is terrible.

After Hillary Clinton likened “MAGA Americans” to Al Qaeda on the anniversary of 9/11, Ryan said the majority of respondents to a Trafalgar Group poll think that President Biden’s “fight for the soul of the nation” address, in which he was flanked by marines and drenched in blood red light, was intended to “incite conflict.”

Currently, more than 58 percent of people believe Biden has further divided the nation, with only one in five claiming he has brought about any togetherness, according to a new poll by the group.

According to a separate I&I/TIPP poll, 62 percent of Americans believe that the White House’s attacks on “MAGA Republicans” have exacerbated the partisanship in the nation. A staggering 73 percent of Democrats share this opinion.

In actuality, more Democrats than Republicans agreed with the statement, according to the poll!

According to a recent YouGov/Economist poll questioning Americans about the likelihood of several “dire political scenarios,”

A civil war is at least somewhat likely to happen, according to 37% of Americans.
By labeling all of their political opponents as white extremists and domestic terrorists, the Biden government is preparing the stage for civil unrest.

Republicans are more likely than Democrats to believe that there will be a civil war between members of each party (45% vs. 35%) or residents of red and blue states (36% vs. 30%).