Democrat Letter About Ukraine May Prolong Heartbreaking War

( National security blog reveals that the strength of Biden’s support was called into question on Monday following the publishing of a letter from 30 members of the House Progressive Caucus. But two days later, the letter was rescinded amid a flurry of debate and criticism.

The report shows the letter rehashed a well-worn refrain about the necessity for dialogue to end the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. It specifically urged direct U.S. involvement with Russia to lessen the likelihood of an escalation and find a way to resolve the situation. The letter did, though, reiterate the necessity of upholding Ukrainian sovereignty, the fairness of Ukraine’s case, and in particular, the condition of giving Ukraine’s voice consideration in any diplomatic settlement.

This leads to a contradiction.  The United States must hold direct negotiations with Russia, which excludes Ukraine and rejects any agreement that does not have Ukrainian support. The goal of talks between Washington and Moscow becomes completely ambiguous if the U.S. cannot reach a deal with Russia without the approval of Ukraine.

Direct negotiations between Russia and the United States seem appealing on the surface, but it would inevitably bar Ukraine from participating in many of the most crucial choices affecting its future.

Reports show The Quincy Institute, a Republican think tank that has fiercely condemned American backing for Ukraine, actively advertised the letter.  Media outlets soon covered it, with articles highlighting how the letter demonstrated displeasure with the President’s own party’s Ukraine policy.

Many of the signatories were shocked that the letter had been made public.
Others challenged the letter’s reasoning and how it would affect support for the war.
The letter was immediately retracted.

Some have asserted that the Quincy Institute and the staff of the Progressive Caucus organized the effort, and the majority of the signatories were unaware the letter would be made public. If true, the attempt was a complete failure and may negatively impact relationships within progressive foreign policy.

Unfortunately, this may have killed any chance of significant diplomatic pressure from the Democratic Party’s progressive wing in the near future.

Writing letters without a spine to back them up is a big problem in government.