Democrat Mayor Says Violence Has Him Ready To Quit

(’s Democrat Mayor Jim Kenney told reporters that gun violence has made him look forward to the day when he is no longer in office.

Kenney met with reporters on Monday after two police officers were wounded during a shooting outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art during the city’s Fourth of July festivities.

Kenney told reporters that he is so consumed with worry over gun violence, not a day goes by when he doesn’t “lay on my back and look at the ceiling and worry about stuff.”

He whined that he can no longer enjoy the Fourth of July or the Democratic National Convention or the NFL Draft because he is always “waiting for something bad to happen.” Kenney told reporters he’ll be happy when he is no longer the mayor “and I can enjoy some stuff.”

Police officers get shot in the city Kenney is supposed to run, and all Kenney can think about is whether or not he can enjoy some stuff.

What a selfish jerk.

Kenney said the thing that has so hampered his ability to enjoy life is that America has a Second Amendment and a Supreme Court that is “telling everybody they can carry a gun wherever they want.”

“It’s like Dodge City,” the kvetching Kenney said.

Homicides in Philadelphia aren’t skyrocketing because of law-abiding gun owners exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Law-abiding gun owners and the US Supreme Court aren’t turning Philly into “Dodge City.”

Maybe Jim Kenney should direct his frustration to Philly’s progressive, pro-criminal District Attorney, Larry Krasner.

But no. Kenney is a Democrat, so the blame gets placed on law-abiding citizens and the Supreme Court.

Kenney told reporters that if he “had the ability” to deal with gun violence, he would. But the Pennsylvania legislature and the US Congress “won’t let us.”

No, the United States Constitution won’t let you.

Kenney won’t be able to go do the fun stuff he enjoys until his term expires in 2024. Then again, he could always quit.