Democrat Official Reams Biden Over Border

A Chicago alderman in late December slammed the Biden administration over the ongoing illegal immigration crisis, saying the administration “dropped the ball,” CBS News in Chicago reported.

While appearing on “CNN News Central” on December 28, Alderman Brian Hopkins, a Democrat, said Chicago residents are seeing a “detrimental effect” on their quality of life due to the surge in illegal aliens in the city.

Hopkins said communities have been “destabilized” by the more than 26,000 so-called migrants currently in Chicago, with increasing crime and lowering property values. He insisted that the city couldn’t “handle anymore,” arguing that Chicago is “not equipped for it.”

The Democrat alderman warned that Chicago would suffer if the migrants were given permanent housing and work permits. He said the city is already spending $300 million on the crisis, which he said amounts to 5 percent of its federal municipal budget, “to address a problem that didn’t even exist a year-and-a-half ago.”

Hopkins noted that he was a Democrat but added that the Biden administration “absolutely dropped the ball” and he refused to “let them off the hook.” He said it was unacceptable that the administration left Chicago “in the ditch with this.”

He warned that each day that the border remains open and the Biden administration leaves cities to “address this humanitarian crisis,” it would continue to get worse.

Alderman Hopkins isn’t the only Democrat official to express frustration with the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis.

In a recent interview on CNN, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson said the current surge in migrants was “unsustainable” and the White House’s response to helping his city was “uncoordinated.”

Meanwhile, in a recent press conference, New York City Mayor Eric Adams blasted the administration for refusing to meet with him to discuss solutions to the over 65,000 migrants currently in his city.

Adams accused the administration of criticizing his administration rather than providing assistance, adding that the federal government has been unhelpful “every step of the way.”