Democrat Opponent Calls Out Biden’s Overt Support

On Monday, Democrat presidential candidate Marianne Williamson blasted the Democratic National Committee for refusing to host primary debates in 2024 and accused the DNC of disregarding “democratic principle” with its open support of Joe Biden in the primary, Fox News reported.

Williamson told Fox News that what the DNC is doing is not “good for democracy.” She said Democrat primary voters should “get a chance to weigh in.”

The self-help guru said the primaries are like a “long job interview process” in which voters have the chance to “interview all of the candidates” seeking the job of president, and that interview process should include President Biden.

In April, the Washington Post reported that the DNC would be supporting Joe Biden’s reelection in 2024 and did not have plans to sponsor any primary debates, even though polling consistently shows that Democrat voters are skittish about the 80-year-old Biden being their 2024 nominee.

Williamson told Fox that the DNC should realize that voters are “watching” and they are not happy about what the DNC is doing.

She called the DNC’s “overt” support for President Biden in the primaries “outrageous” and argued that the DNC admitting it will back Biden in the primary is “just against democratic principle.”

Williamson said the candidates challenging Biden in the primary should be heard, not because they deserve it but because the Democrat primary voters deserve it.

In the latest RealClearPolitics polling average, Biden is pulling only 64 percent support in the primaries, which is surprisingly low for an incumbent president.

At the same time, Democrat voters don’t seem particularly thrilled with the alternative candidates currently challenging the president for the nomination.

Biden still has a 49.6-point lead over his closest challenger, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who averages only 14.4 percent support among Democrat voters. Marianne Williamson is in third place with only 5.7 percent support.