Democrat Rep. Calls For Removal Of Russian U.S. Students

( On the day Russia invaded Ukraine, the dopey Democrat Congressman from California, Eric Swalwell, suggested that the United States should kick out every Russian student attending American universities.

It could’ve been worse. Eric could’ve suggested they be rounded up and placed into internment camps.

Appearing on “CNN Newsroom” last Thursday, Swalwell told host Alisyn Camerota that to counter Putin, everything should be “on the table,” including closing the Russian Embassy and “kicking every Russian student out of the United States.”

Yeah, that’ll make Putin think twice.

Of all the people CNN could bring on for an interview on the very day Russia invades Ukraine, why on earth did they choose a gormless dope like Eric Swalwell?

Swalwell has never been considered a brilliant thinker. But does he truly believe that punishing ordinary Russians for the actions of Vladimir Putin would stop Putin’s aggression?

Putin doesn’t care if his people live or die. Why would he care about Russian students being deported from the US?

If anything, Putin could exploit such a move to further convince the Russian people it is the United States that is acting irrationally.

Swalwell also suggested other retaliatory measures, like personally sanctioning Vladimir Putin and removing “completely” all Russian financial institutions from the international banking system SWIFT.

Host Alisyn Camerota expressed surprise that President Joe Biden isn’t talking about removing Russia from SWIFT.

Swalwell responded that he thinks this is the largest European invasion since World War Two and Biden’s sanctions are “the harshest sanctions” on any country since World War Two, promising “there will be more to come.”