Democrat Senators Say It’s Time To Target Gun Content On YouTube

( Five Democrat Senators want YouTube to remove any videos on gun making, claiming the presence of such videos is responsible for so-called “ghost gun” shootings.

Led by the gun-grabbing Democrat Senator from Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, the senators sent a letter to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, warning that YouTube’s efforts to clamp down on these videos have been “insufficient.”

So-called “ghost guns” aren’t classified by the government as firearms because, as they come in kits, they are not fully functioning weapons when purchased. They are called “ghost guns” because they don’t require a serial number that can be traced. The kits can be purchased online or at gun shows and require assembly to turn into working firearms.

In their letter, the Democrat senators claim without evidence that “ghost guns” have become “the weapon of choice for gun traffickers and convicted felons.” And worse, they are also the weapon of choice for “violent extremists and foreign terrorists.”

That isn’t true. So-called “ghost guns” account for just a tiny fraction of the guns used in crime. But for some reason, Democrat lawmakers have seized on them as the latest boogeyman in their gun control crusade.

Not only is the Senators’ letter yet another threat to the Second Amendment, but it is also another example of lawmakers seeking to violate the First Amendment by proxy.

A “private company” being told to censor content at the behest of members of Congress makes that “private company” an agent of the government.

This kind of move is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Sure, the letter makes it sound like the senators just want Wojcicki to provide them with information on how YouTube polices videos on its platform. But we all know what’s really going on. These senators want YouTube to pull those videos down.

The gun-grabbing, censorship-loving Democrats closed their letter by telling Wojcicki that until YouTube does more to censor these videos, “the claim that safety is your highest priority rings hollow.”

Yeah, that’s not the only thing ringing hollow here. Because they followed that up with “YouTube can – and must – do more to ensure that the content it hosts does not exacerbate the threat of ghost guns.”

In short: Censor the videos we members of Congress want you to censor.