Democrats Call White People Adopting Native Americans “Genocide” 

( Democratic Minnesota state representative Heather Keeler, a Yankton Sioux Tribe member, recently posted an assault on white Christians on Facebook, calling them “white saviors” who don’t care about aiding Native American newborns. 

Keeler has criticized white Christians who adopt Native American children, saying that they are perpetuating the “genocide” of the Native American people. 

She said she’s sick of white Christians adopting their infants. She continued her rant, saying it was a sad day when anything like that occurred. She said that when adoptions occur, the genocide continues. 

The post urged readers to take action to stop the genocide if they cared about the children.  

She said for white Christians to top stealing and renaming their babies while deluding that this is helping. 

“White saviors are the worst!” she wrote. 

Keeler did not dispute authoring the message, which was published by Alpha News and included in a screenshot. Keeler subsequently doubled down on her comments on her professional Facebook page, saying that white parents adopting Native American infants is a “kind of genocide” since it robs the children of their “identity.” 

The Republican Party of Minnesota dubbed it a “racist diatribe” and released a strong rebuke, saying there is no room in our political dialogue for insults.  

“We condemn this racist and extreme speech in the strongest possible terms and urge all Democrats to do the same,” the statement read. 

The message demanded that Democratic leaders in Minnesota, including Governor Michael Walz and State Democratic Speaker Melissa Hortman, denounce Keeler’s comments. 

According to Fox News, Keeler is a co-sponsor of a measure that would alter the “federal Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978 that outlines child protection processes and conditions for children who are members of or eligible for membership in a federally recognized Tribe.” 

Keeler’s criticisms of “white Christians” who take in Native American infants are reminiscent of those leveled at conservative Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett because she adopted two children from Haiti.