DeSantis Facing Key Challenge In Upcoming Debate

Floridian Governor Ron DeSantis may have won back support at the second GOP Presidential debate, according to political commentators. The Governor’s campaign has hit several snags, and he has lost a lot of support, but some speculation suggests he now has the chance of a fresh start as Trump supporters may be open to persuasion to change their minds.

David A. Bateman of Cornell University said, “I don’t think so many primary voters have made up their minds that the nomination is sealed; voting during the primary season can be quite fluid.” He added that DeSantis is the only real alternative to Trump but has personality difficulties. “Most evidence suggests that the more people get to know him, the less appealing they find him,” he said.

The debate took place in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California on September 27, and DeSantis grabbed the opportunity to condemn the former President for not showing up to explain why he added $7 trillion to the nation’s national debt. He also called on Trump to explain why he described Florida’s abortion laws as “terrible.”

A Trump spokesperson later called the debate a waste of time and money. Chris LaCivita called on the Republican National Committee to cancel all further debates and focus on defeating President Biden.

Even though voters watching the debates believe DeSantis has done well, President Trump’s numbers continue to climb. In the run-up to the second debate, a Monmouth University Survey asked responders if they believe Trump is in the best position to beat Biden. Almost half – 48% – said he was “definitely” the strongest contender, while 24% said he “probably” was.

The morning after the California event saw the former President climb even higher. A Morning Consult poll on September 29 placed Donald Trump racing ahead with 63%. Pre-debate Morning Consult polling placed him at 58%. Across several ballots, Trump’s standing against President Biden either puts them neck-and-neck or with Trump in a convincing lead.