DeSantis Promises To Give States Power Against Border Crisis

Ron DeSantis, if elected president, has promised in an interview this weekend that the states will be given the right to enforce federal law throughout the United States’ borders.

DeSantis stated on “The Glenn Beck Podcast” that ‘when he’s president,’ his administration will liberate the states; they will be equal partners with executing immigration law.

He said, for instance, Texas should be entitled to return anyone who crosses the river illegally from their state. Why should states go through all the trouble of people going to court?

“It’s absurd,” De Santis said.

According to the presidential hopeful, the open borders policies of the former Biden administration are being imposed on Texas and Arizona through the pressure and threat of hostility from the Justice Department to those states’ attempts to implement the laws simply.

DeSantis went on to say that the federal government is making it more difficult for states like Texas and Arizona to enforce their laws and safeguard the rights of their citizens.
He said he would be a federal government that partners with the states to ensure national security.

He noted that people argue it’s the exclusive federal job, but if we have a policy and it’s not being enforced fully, why shouldn’t the states do it?

DeSantis has promised to “declare the border a national emergency” and send back all of the illegal immigrants that the Biden administration let stay in the country after he becomes president.

“When I get in, they’re all going back,” De Santis promised.

DeSantis has warned that the millions of illegal immigrants flooding the southern border threaten national security because they may originate from hostile regimes or terrorist states.

He found that while legitimate asylum claims exist, there has been a consequence for those who attempt to enter the United States unlawfully.

He warned that the issue would persist until a penalty was imposed on those who entered the country illegally.

DeSantis said the border hasn’t been strictly enforced in decades, possibly not since, perhaps since the Eisenhower presidency.