Dick Morris Claims Trump Gag Order Is Scheme To Jail Him

According to political commentator Dick Morris, the ultimate goal of the move to get a gag order against Donald Trump is to have him imprisoned.

Morris said on Newsmax’s Saturday Agenda that the whole point of the Fulton County shenanigans is to put Trump behind bars.

He explained that to get him, they would fabricate false accusations against him, select a left-wing judge whose husband was a Black Panther, and hire a radical, extreme left-wing prosecutor. The objective is to put a far-left prosecutor in charge of the case.

A candidate for public office obviously cannot be bound by a gag order. He should be able to campaign; part of that campaign is what is happening to him.

Donald Trump is unafraid to get down to business and discuss the issues. Morris went on to say that if he spoke freely now, he would go to jail, and the country would see the president of the United States, a former president, and a potential presidential candidate campaigning from behind bars.

Morris went on to say that the extreme measures the left-wing administration took to punish this individual would be dramatically illustrated to the American people. They will see how low the left can go.

Special Counsel Jack Smith reportedly asked for a limited gag order against Donald Trump in a court filing on Friday as part of the continuing criminal probe. The probe claims that the ex-president tried to change the outcome of the 2020 vote.

In a document filed with a United States district court, Smith said that the defendant frequently engages in “inflammatory public statements” directed at people or organizations that stand in his way.

Prosecutors claimed Trump had signaled his intent to make public assaults about the investigation. They said he made a threatening post on Truth Social the day following his arraignment.
These prosecutions are a centerpiece of his campaign. How can he not talk about them?